What could possibly be holding someone back who knows their purpose?


Absolutely not!!!!!

The inability to progressively achieve any goal, or any passion is only the fault of the individual who will allow the blame game to be their consistent reality.

Their is Nothing the universe will not bring to the individual whose intentions are good, and mind focused.

This individual cannot exist in a place of expectation yet remain in denial about the infinite number of possibilities and opportunities available to manifest these goals.

Lack must be removed from their thoughts to change the energy field of the physical and emotional responses of the body to magnetize the resources necessary to receive the benefits of the manifestations they are seeking.

5 Steps to Purpose

1. Know exactly what you want
2. Understand exactly what team and resources you need
3. Dedicate specific time daily to work on the planned details of this desire
4. Refrain from speaking about or to anyone who projects negativity on your goals, outside of constructive criticism
5. Be in absolute knowing that by faith the objective will come to pass

Remember,  there are unlimited possibilities and opportunities so let obstacles lead your determination, and detours be your guiding light.


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