Trusting yourself is about sharing your knowledge, your wisdom, your secrets. It’s about allowing those around you to experience the real you, not the title.  When you trust yourself, you do not hesitate to share the abundance of the momentum that you are building with others.

If you really trust yourself, it means that you are bringing your authentic self to everything you do and how you do it.

To create continuous impact and influence for the betterment of a healthier you, trust yourself and encourage those around you to do the same.


Clear Manifestation

The mind is to be utilized to provide maximum benefit to the user.

Whatever the mind can bring to its attention can be made reality.

The mind, however can not perform, at its optimum or peak potential if it is bombarded with unbalanced negative energies and frequencies.

Negative energy bombards, stifles, and blocks growth, development, and progress.

Negative energy can be found in people, places, and things

Positive energy can also be found in people, places, and things.

Effective manifestation of abundance requires the mind to be filled with positive emotions and feelings of unequivocal gratitude.

Those that are intuitive can feel both energies and because of that feeling have identified ways to counteract negativity in your mind.

1. If you are exposed to negative thoughts, replace them with positive thoughts immediately.  This action reverses and cancels the idea and the associated emotion.

2. When you realize you have entered a place physically or mentally, where negative energy is present, and you can’t just leave

a.) surround yourself with a white light of peace and protection

b.) send a frequency of love to all involved

c.) declare that all will be well with you and your dealings.

3. Release daily a bonafide commitment to interact with all things positive.  This attitude allows even negative experiences to appear positive through valued lessons.

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It is our core belief that we can change the world, starting with ourselves.

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